Compus Life

If you join us you will find that we are one big family. Students come from all different parts of India to join us and so we do everything possible to make SHHM their second home. We have a very student - centered culture and are a lot that you, not only get a great education, but also that you achieve the extra.

Students have a wide access to sporting facilities including on-campus tennis, basketball, fitness center and more. Recreation facilities include satellite TV, cinema room, internet, and many student events are organized.

SHHM bedrooms are normally twin-sharing and are developed to the highest traditional hostel standard. Facilities include comfortable beds, telephones, and televisions with various channels. Wireless internet service, wardrobe, study tables and many rooms have balconies with beautiful views. All students live, study, train and relax at SHHM International Campus. This is a beautiful and comfortable experience.


The curriculum focuses on the key competencies related to effective communication, human relation and cultural diversity.

Food Production (Kitchen)

Catered for students who are keen to pursue the production of restaurants and catering industries. Traditional roles are those of a chef and food production engineer.

Foodservice (Food and Beverage)

This Department deals with the overall service, distribution and marketing of food establishments.
Traditional roles are those of F&B personnel in restaurants, hotels and convention centers.

Accommodation (Rooms Division)

This Department revolves around ensuring high levels of satisfaction for temporary space to travelers in the form of hotels, resorts, suites and residences. Traditional roles are in front office, housekeeping, guest service and sales.

Front Office (Reception)

This Department is the show window to the Industry, as here most guest are first received and provided the Hospitality and tackles all related issues or problems of the guest.